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Kim Shattuck of The Muffs

Kim Shattuck of The Muffs

One has the distinct sense that Kim Shattuck has never, ever suffered fools lightly. It's easy to imagine her back in junior high, already a seasoned veteran of telling airheads and miscreants to stick it where the sun does not shine. However, judging from the general tone as well as the non-ironic title of The Muffs' 2004 release Really Really Happy (Five Foot Two Records), her rage against all the idiocy and vapidity the world has to offer has calmed somewhat in recent times.

Calmed perhaps, but we suspect that potential targets of Ms. Shattuck's ire should never allow themselves to sleep TOO well. She may have gained a measure of wisdom and serenity over the years, but that doesn't mean she isn't still a force to be reckoned with. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to ask Kim a few questions and get caught up on what's happening with her and The Muffs as the summer of 2005 begins to wind down.

Kim Shattuck Interview

TCZ: Today is exactly one year since you released you're sixth album,"Really, Really, Happy." to mixed reviews. How would you rate "Really, Really Happy" to you're previous releases?

Kim: I really think it's up there with our best records. I'd say it's the best sounding record we've made and there is less filler, song-wise. I've actually only seen one bad review and the guy was rather psychedelic about it. I think he must have been tweeking, which is a state of mind that doesn't make for accurate perception.

TCZ: The Muffs have a tremendous reservoir of respect and affection within the community of rock & roll musicians and die-hard fans, but your mass commercial success has been limited, as it is for the vast majority of rock & roll bands in today's music industry. What are your feelings on the issue of material rewards for art - does the lack of mainstream recognition bother you, or are you satisfied to just create the best songs you possibly can and then let the chips fall where they may?

Kim: I love where the Muffs are at right now. I would say we're under the radar but have a loyal underground following. It's a comfortable place to be. Too much attention would be irritating and we get enough recognition to make it feel like we're not totally ignored. I just love writing songs and performing occasionally. And we're pushing ourselves harder to get our stuff out there in tv and commercials and stuff. We've gotta pay the bills too.

TCZ: You recently released a new video, an animation by Tom Neely. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Kim: Tom Neely is an amazing artist who I've known as a friend for a few years. He did a political cartoon with my sisters fiancee and after that did pretty well he wanted to do a video/cartoon for us. I said to go for it, take your time, etc etc and it took about a year to do. He is very talented.

TCZ: Can you describe a typical day in the recording studio with you, Ronnie and Roy?

Kim: Well actually most of the recording days are me by myself locked in a home studio. But when we do basic tracks ie: Drums and maybe bass, It's the same as when we all get together. A lot of junior high school humor and inside jokes. I love hanging out with those guys. We're like family. I've known them both separately since the mid 80's.

TCZ: Any plans for a new album on the horizon?

Kim: Yep, I'm itching to write and they are itching to perform new stuff. And I'm all set up to record at the drop of a hat-ie: cost is very minimal!! No more bullshit $2000 a day studios.

TCZ: What is the one thing you want fans to know about you today?

Kim: I'm still in a great mood.

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