The top-earning YouTube star so far was 9-year-old Ryan Kaji, who earned up to 12 billion dollars with his toy review channel from June 2019 to June 2020. His channel inspired a toy line and made him a billionaire before his 10th birthday.

If you have any hope of becoming a multibillion-dollar YouTube mogul, you need to know some common mistakes in YouTube marketing. If you are in the business of creating YouTube channels, you need a solid marketing strategy.

The right YouTube marketing strategy can make your channel more visible and get your vision out there to millions. Here are 6 common mistakes creators make when marketing with YouTube. Know them so you can avoid them.

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Not Paying Attention to Video Length

You need to identify your target market and think about how long their attention span is. The much-debated word around the web nowadays is that the human attention span has dropped below that of a goldfish.

Whether or not this statistic is 100% accurate is not the important part. What is important is that the average person’s attention span has decreased. Tailor your YouTube video lengths to accommodate the twitchy viewers of today.

SEO Mistakes in YouTube Marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting your content higher towards the top of page 1 on any platform. Traditionally, it is used for websites displayed in Google search results.

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SEO for YouTube is important as well. You need to incorporate some basic SEO within your titles, keywords, and content to get your video priority placement in search results. Without SEO, your video will get buried.

Forgetting Your Thumbnail

When your potential viewers are scrolling through endless videos on YouTube, your thumbnail is the first thing they will see. If it doesn’t captivate their attention by standing out, they will scroll past it and find one that does.

You need to create a vivid and captivating YouTube custom thumbnail. Without one, even if you have a great video, nobody will get past that first click.

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Neglecting Your Channel

If one of your YouTube videos goes viral, that’s great! But without a focus on your overall channel, you will never be able to create sustainable traffic. Make sure that your entire channel is captivating to ensure broader viewer interest.

Getting Desperate for Likes

The one way to make your videos unattractive and lame for the average viewer is to beg for them to hit the like button at the end of your video. YouTubers are well aware of their powers to like or dislike a video.

You don’t need to remind them. If someone enjoys your video, they will like it. If you are hurting for likes, you should revamp and improve your content, not beg your audience for a click.

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Over-Promotion of Products

One of the best ways to earn money in the YouTube business is to promote products through your videos. Make sure you do this in a tactful and tasteful manner.

If every five seconds you are shoving a new product down your viewers’ throats, they will see through your marketing strategy. Seamlessly incorporate products and promotions into your video, don’t make them the centerpiece.

Become the Next Big Thing

YouTube is an excellent platform to get your message out there and become the next big cultural icon. To do so, you need to master your YouTube marketing strategy.

Make sure to watch out for these 6 mistakes in YouTube marketing, so that your channel can survive and thrive. For other great content about the world of business, make sure to check out the rest of our site.

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