So, it’s summer banging our doors to get out and dive into the pool like crazy. But we need some preparation to get our pool ready for a fascinating summer ahead.

Yes, you’ve to do cleaning work, get the debris out of the water pool, filter, and scrub the tiles. But, with a long pool season ahead of you, think about investing in transforming your pool area into a summer wonderland.

So, here enlist, what you can do to make your patio ready for summer:

#1. Pool Enclosure

Installing a pool enclosure lets you and your kids unwind in shady comfort, away from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Plus, an enclosure protects your naughty kid or your energetic pet from accidentally jumping into the pool. It will ensure complete peace of mind for you, even when you are not at home.

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Investing in a pool enclosure not only adds a stroke of true class and lavishness to your patio pool area, but also lowers the burden of regular maintenance of your shoulders. Since the pool is enclosed, the leaves and other contaminants stay away from the pool water. And, as the direct rays of sunlight don’t reach the water, there is no chance of chemical imbalance. So, in simple terms, you and your pool’s filter and other key equipment don’t have to work much to ensure the pool water is hygienic for diving all day long. So, it isn’t a perfect win-win situation?

Alternatively, you can install a solar pool cover that prevents the pool water from getting contaminated, and reduces evaporation loss to save on your utility bills.

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#2. Give Your Furniture an Upgrade

If you’d left your poolside furniture out during the winter, then they may need little fixes done by a professional. This may include a general brush down & wash or an extensive clean.

Do check the componentry of the furniture, and tighten the screws wherever required.

Don’t forget the mould on any of your cushions or upholstery, replace it to avoid poor hygiene. The stained or faded fabric must be replaced to freshen up the ambience.

#3. Activities & Games

Summer pool time doesn’t always mean swimming in the pool. There can be activities and games that you play with your kids to have an ultimate family day in your backyard. You can keep your kids entertained with a couple of our favorites:

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Pool Fishing: You don’t have to get the fancy fishing rods, basic ones would work fine. You can buy a kit that has small finishing rods and rubber fishes that you can float in the water. The aim of this game is to catch as many fishes as possible. To make the game even more competitive, have a time limit, and whosoever fishes the most out of the pool is the winner.

 Boat Races: Whether you go with remote-controlled boats or plastic ones, your family will have an amazing time competing. Whose boat is going to make the other side first?

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Like these, there are so many games to play near your patio pool. Set up giant checkers or chess or even a twister game at a flat area on your patio.

If you want to try something unique, have an outdoor protector on your patio, and watch a family movie, and have a sleepover in a tent.

#4. Barbeque

A barbeque station by the poolside adds flair to your summer pool time. Just think, after a tent sleepover with your kids, you wake up to the rejuvenating rays of the sun, and have a delicious barbeque for lunch. What a weekend plan!

As the social restrictions are easing with vaccination drives going on, you can invite some of your best pals and neighbors for a barbeque evening. Also, keeping your pool party outside your house means you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the rooms.

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Make sure that there is enough space along with the pool to accommodate a table and seating for your guests. Buy furnishings that seamlessly align with the aesthetics of your backyard space.

#5. Wireless Floating Speaker

There is no pool party without music. Before you take out those big stereo, and set the music to a level that annoys the heck out of the neighbour next door, get a wireless floating Bluetooth speaker.

These speakers are completely waterproof and provide power subwoofers for crisp high-definition sound, and a rich stereo feel. You can connect the Bluetooth speaker to your tablet, computer or smartphone, access the playlist, and control the volume from your device.

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#6. Island Inflatable Lounge

There’s nothing more mind-soothing than basking in the sun with your kids and friends in an inflatable lounge. Generally, the inflatable lounges are compact, light-in-weight, in design, and easy to set up with any time to celebrate all those balmy & bright days. You can easily adjust the firmness and fullness as per your comfort.

You can also spend private time in the pool, sipping your favorite scotch in these comfy lounges. Make sure the inflatable lounges have a built-in cup and snack holders.

Let’s Wind Up

There is so much you can do to make your summer pool time fun, such as water toys, to redefine the word fun. Floating water speakers aren’t a bad idea to enjoy your favorite playlist. You can also take ideas from your family on how to plan a perfect summer season.

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