Buy fridge slides that are safer and more sustainable! 

 February 17, 2022

Are you looking for safe fridge slides? Are you worried about children pulling out the things in your refrigerator? Do you want to store your foods in sustainable equipment?

The tilt fridge slides allow you to slide your refrigerator out far enough to access its content. The refrigerator slide is installed permanently into the refrigerator, and the base slides out on drawer slides.

Some of the benefits of using these types of slides

  • Avoids excess weight
  • Easily accessible
  • High strength

When can you buy these slides?

It’s the ideal answer for when your fridge is mounted too high in your vehicle for children to access it readily. When there isn’t enough height within your system to fully lift the lid, it safeguards children. This slide easily allows you to draw the refrigerator closer, and effortlessly swivel it downwards on a tilt. It lowers the fridge’s height while keeping it secure, making it easier to access the contents.

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It offers extreme strength with the capacity to store heavy burdens, with more desirable protection from dust and other terrible road conditions. With twofold locking pins, it is safer and secured from any danger.


The Tilting Fridge Slide is now a standard pull-out slide with the ability to tilt. This means that you will get a refrigerator slide with steel components and stainless steel parts that are durable. This product combines maximum strength with the capacity to handle heavier loads.

It is fastened solidly in place when locked in place, with no possibility of the fridge slide falling away when the road becomes rough, thanks to double-locking pins. A stainless pin locating bush is mounted to the front portion of the slide to reduce rattling.

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When the fridge is placed at a height, the fridge slide enables easy access. It also aids in clearing the canopy or back doors as necessary.

Safe and sustainable

A handy type of fridge slide allows you to attach your fridge safely in tight spaces, such as cars and other vehicles. This type of tilting slide gives you the convenience to remove your refrigerator from the truck and slant it down for more convenience.

Locking mechanism

The mechanism locks into place when fully tilted. It can’t fall on its own. Therefore these slides are suitable for people of all ages. The tilt angle gets adjusted to suit your system with the help of three locking mechanism locations.

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Easy to use

It’s also simple to raise the refrigerator. The gas struts help to balance the fridge’s weight. Lift the slide by simply flicking the leverage to be safeguarded and locked. It makes it move upward before reversing direction. Life is made easier with exchangeable thermodynamics to less burden the heavy weights.

Other features to consider

When you look forward to buying a fridge slide, also look for the size, weight, storage area, brand, quality, strength, mechanism, nature of the opening, cost that fulfill all your needs and requirements. Tilt fridge slides are safer when compared to other slides and keep your surroundings safer.

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Do a quick research and discussion before buying the product to analyze whether it has a return in value. You can enjoy your family road trips and vacay with your kids with the best quality tilting type of fridge slides that contain your food and drinks safely.

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