June 29, 2021

The bigger the bed, the bigger the comfort, and most times, the struggles. Bigger sizes of beds require larger sheets which ultimately lead to more work for you. Your king size bamboo sheets will require more dedication from you than an average-sized bed. This does not need to discourage you from enjoying your large bed. With the following tips, you’ll learn just how to care for your king size bamboo sheets with zero challenges and increase your enjoyment of your large bed and sheets.

King size bamboo sheets may come in different colors and textures but they have one thing in common — their size. Their large size means they not only cover a wider range but there is also more surface area for you to care for. One way to minimize this daunting task is to view the king size bamboo sheets as simply a bamboo bedsheet with more room, therefore, the steps to care for it will not differ from that of the average-sized bamboo bedsheets. The procedure on how to wash bamboo sheets, dry, and store them, do not differ based on size .

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The ways to care for your king size bamboo sheets are:


It is recommended that bamboo bedsheets should be washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Usually, a liquid biodegradable detergent is preferred over the powdered one. However, if you prefer to use a powdered detergent, be sure to dilute it in water first before putting your king size bamboo sheets in it.

A hand or machine wash is acceptable but both should be done without exerting excessive force on the sheets. For the machine wash, this means that the strength should be set on a low cycle. Bleach and fabric softeners should be avoided because they may be too harsh for your bamboo bedsheets. Instead, a stain can be dealt with by soaking the sheets.

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After washing and rinsing your king size bamboo sheets, the next step is to dry them. Drying them out in the sun on a clothesline will ensure they get enough air and sunshine. Make sure to spread them out early when the sun is high because the bamboo fabric takes a while to dry. You can also tumble dry your king size bamboo sheets but it should be done on a low cycle and low heat to avoid shrinkage.


When your king size bamboo sheets are dry, fold them neatly and store them in a cool, dry place. A wardrobe is appropriate for this purpose and will ensure your sheets stay cool until you are ready to use them. Alternatively, you can lay them out on your bed as soon as they are dried. You will notice that they retain their softness.

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Taking good care of your king size bamboo sheets will ensure that you always have clean sheets to lie on. This will in turn increase your enjoyment and improve your temperament. Knowing how to wash bamboo sheets, take care of them, and use them will guarantee that you get the best out of your sheets.

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