Digital Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind Before Relocating Your Business 

 February 17, 2022

While relocating your business, it is likely to overlook the timely updation of your business listings.

This might affect your digital performance a little, causing unnecessary duress. Therefore, the sooner you update this information, the better.

Moreover, it is even possible to leverage your relocation to your advantage. Choosing reliable relocation services should be paired with making significant changes or additions to your digital marketing strategy.

With Australia being the 5th most prominent social media advertiser in the world, it is more essential to stay on top of your digital marketing game, even during the move.

Pre-Move Checklist

Here are a few digital marketing practices you must have in the bag before initiating your relocation.

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1.     Reach Out to Your Customers

If your plan to move right across the street or the entire country, your priority must be to inform your customers well in advance.

Send out emails and engage them via social media platforms to spread the word about the move.

Make sure, though, that your updated address, an open date, and a period of service closure are all mentioned in your repositioning campaign to avoid inconvenience for your customers.

2.     Update Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many businesses choose to put their content marketing strategies on hold while relocating. But you must do the exact opposite and keep pushing out content even during the move.

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This is done to maintain constant contact with your customer base and eliminate the need to define your content marketing strategy from scratch from the new place.

You can use this as an opportunity to spice up your social media content and keep your audience in the loop with the move.

3.     Search Engine Optimization

Make sure all your search engine optimization basics are straightforward, with your name, address, and other business-related information accurate and uniform internet-wide.

Having consistent business information online is vital otherwise, you may confuse the customer, leading to dissatisfaction and probable loss in business.

Work with a marketing agency, if need be, and ensure that you have claimed your listings on all directories like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, etc.

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4.     Update Business Information Online

Once you move to your new location, you will most likely receive a mail to update your address online. But make sure that you reverify the listing by sending a postcard to your new address.

Last but not least, take the verification steps necessary, and check if everything has gone through right. Make sure you do this periodically to make sure everything is in place.

5.     Launch a New Digital Marketing Strategy

Relocating doesn’t just entail moving to a new location but an opportunity to revamp your entire digital marketing strategy. Before moving, make sure you analyze the loopholes and discrepancies in your current strategy.

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Once you have settled in and are ready to get back to the grind, consider using paid advertisement to garner new customer attention.

But keep in mind you must redesign your strategy to cater to and retain customers from your previous location as well.


With reliable relocation services available to take care of your physical relocation needs, you must manage your digital relocation efficiently as well.

If needed, partner with a digital marketing agency, analyze your online needs and navigate issues about them with expertise.

Leveraging your digital marketing strategy during your business relocation can open up a plethora of opportunities for you. Realize them, utilize them, and find a way to increase your ROI by making the best out of a tricky situation.

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