Everything You Need to Know About the Cowboy Hats 

 April 20, 2022

Men who are trying the cowboy hats for the first time might not know their benefits and features. The market for cowboy hats is massive. Not only there are six primary types of cowboy hats, but they also come in different colors, sizes, brim styles, and materials. Hence, if you think that you can choose the perfect cowboy hat easily, you’re mistaken. 

Even though some version of the cowboy hats is relatively fresher, there are some traditional versions of the cowboy hats that were introduced during the 18th century. John B. Stetson is considered the founder of the cowboy hats. 

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Even though you can find classic hats in the traditional shops, nowadays the market is dominated by newer hats. The cowboy hats you choose will determine your western aesthetic and your fashion statements. Continue reading the article to know everything about cowboy hats. This way you can make better decisions while purchasing them. 

The Cattleman 

This is one of the famous traditional cowboy hats you can purchase. Back in the day, the cattleman was the only cowboy hat available in the market. They feature a curved brim with a low crown. The three creases on top of the crown will help you remove the hat easily. 

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The Dakota 

The Dakota cowboy hats are most popular amongst the bull riders. The Dakota cowboy hats feature a slightly curved brim and a broad and rectangular indentation at the top of the crown. 

The Gambler 

Probably the best cowboy hats you can purchase. The popularity of the gambler cowboy hats started increasing when they were featured in western movies. The gambler cowboy hat features a flat, low crown with a flat, large brim. The gambler hats typically come in black or white shades. The design of the gambler hats will protect you from the sun while also helping you keep your head cooler during the hot days. 

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The Gus 

The Gus is another classic cowboy hat that features three deep indentations and a high crown. The front slope of the Gus cowboy hats is extremely attractive. The indentations of the Gus cowboy hats will help you remove or tip the hats properly. 

The Pinched Front 

Not only men but also women choose the pinched front cowboy hats. This is because this hat will help your face look thinner. Then the front of the crown features a deep indent that will create a pinch. 

These are the different types of cowboy hats. But we’re not finished yet. There are other things about cowboy hats that you should know. 

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The Importance of Indentations 

Manufacturers introduced the indentations due to various reasons. The original design of the cowboy hats featured no indentations, but the appearance of the cowboy hats helped men to showcase their style and passion. But after the introduction of hat etiquettes, removing the hats or tipping the hats to show respect become a tradition and thus, increased the importance of indentations. 

The gentlemen cowboy would remove the hat by a crease or tip the front to pay respect to the lady. The constant requirement of good manners would wear the indentations into both sides of the round crown. As per Home School Adventure, good manners will benefit you in life. The hat manufacturers saw an opportunity to increase the versatility of the hats and changed the original design to fulfill the needs properly. 

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How Do Cowboy Hats Differentiate from the Fashion Hats?

The cowboy hats and the other fashion hats are not the same. This is because cowboy hats can protect your eyes, skin, and face from overexposure to the sunlight. Additionally, cowboy hats that are worn and combined with relevant outfits properly will help you enhance your western fashion statement. They will make you look attractive while also helping you stand apart from the crowd. 

Even though the fashion hats will undoubtedly improve your style and fashion sense, they aren’t capable of protecting you from outdoor materials. Additionally, they aren’t made of material that can resist moderate weather conditions. The fashion hats come with a relatively shorter lifespan, unlike the high-quality cowboy hats. 


Apart from that, the cleaning and maintenance process of cowboy hats is easier than the fashion hats. This way you can save time and effort. However, the color and design options of the cowboy hats aren’t as extensive as the fashion hats. Neither the cowboy hats are effective for every event. 

What are the Materials of the Cowboy Hats?

You need to pay close attention while choosing the material for your cowboy hats. The materials you pick for the cowboy hats will help you stay relevant as per the weather condition and the event you’re attending. Therefore, you need to consider your purpose before choosing the materials for the cowboy hats. 

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There are various materials available for cowboy hats including straw, felt, wool, beaver, etc. The straw and felt cowboy hats are suitable for the summer months. On the other hand, the wool cowboy hats are perfect for winter. 


This is everything you need to know about cowboy hats. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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