Businesses are increasingly allocating part of their marketing budget for digital marketing services, since people are spending more time online.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is widely considered to be one of the most cost effective online marketing techniques in Singapore, since the business will continue to rank well in the search engines for at least one year, even if it does not pay the agency fees monthly.

Hence many businesses would like to find out the cost of an SEO agency in Singapore, so that they can finalize their marketing budget accordingly. Some of the factors affecting the cost discussed below.

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Current ranking

  1. One of the factors which affects the costs of the SEO services is the current ranking of the website.
  2. If the website is already ranking very well in the search engines, the SEO agency may not have to do much additional work to ensure that it retains its ranking, so they may charge less.
  3. On the other hand, if the business website does not include in the search results at all, or not ranking well, the SEO agency will have to make more effort to improve the ranking.
  4. So the SEO agency will usually charge more to improve the ranking of the business website.
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Number of keywords

  1. The online marketing budget for a business will vary depending on the size of the business, the number of products and services it is selling, and the importance of online sales strategy write for us
  2. Smaller businesses are selling only a few services or products, so they want to rank well only for the associated keywords.
  3. Hence they will choose packages for ranking well for few keywords, and these packages are less expensive.
  4. Larger businesses with a wider range of services/products for sale, will want to rank well for all relevant keywords, and will have to spend more for improving ranking for all keywords.
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Type of SEO

  1. Most of the businesses are selling mainly to the local customers, so they are mainly focusing on local SEO.
  2. This is usually cheaper since there is less competition and fewer keywords. Some businesses are selling their products nationally so there is more competition, and it will cost more.
  3. A few businesses, especially those selling online services, social media marketing, or SEO, can sell their services to customers worldwide.
  4. So if they wish to rank well in different countries worldwide, the SEO cost will be far higher for these businesses comparing to local SEO since the SEO agency will have to do more work.
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seo agencies

Marketing strategy

  1. Another factor which affects SEO cost for the business is the marketing strategy used by the SEO agency.
  2. Some SEO agencies offer a guarantee that the rankings will improve within 90 days, or they will work for free.
  3. So these marketing agencies may charge more for SEO work, since they are confident of their services.
  4. Also, the SEO agency will charge more for the first four months, till the improvement in SEO rank achieved.
  5. And then charge a nominal maintenance fee, to ensure that the business website retains its ranking in search.
  6. Other SEO agencies are charging a fixed amount monthly, based on the link building services they offer.
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