Have you heard of ITIL Foundation Certification? What is ITIL? 

 April 26, 2022

It is one of the best practices used for IT service management. This framework is used popularly by the majority of the industries to fulfil the daily requirements of the business. It is used by the industries to control and manage issues, improve customer relations, increase the cost efficiency of the processes and to develop a steady IT environment. The responsibility of continuously developing the IT processes and services falls on the ITIL practitioner. 

This is a very flexible framework. It can be used easily across many industries. This framework also connects various other practices, for example, COBIT, Six Sigma, TOGAF, and so on. 

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Another crucial thing is that this framework is not aimed at a particular model of business. It is mainly dependent on the cooperative experience of IT experts. This framework is normally used across several industries and has turned out to be very beneficial for most of the industries. Also, almost every industry is dependent on IT services. 

ITIL Lifecycle

There is a total of five phases included in the ITIL lifecycle. These stages are interconnected with each other. The service stage is the most important and core stage of the lifecycle. 

  • Service Strategy: This helps you to come up with a plan that will enable the industries to reach their business objective within a limited time. It is also useful for connecting the IT department with business processes, financial management, portfolio management, and relationship management. 
  • Service Design: This stage is mainly aimed at the development of innovative designs of IT services. This will allow you to measure the services so that you can fulfil the needs of the business and the customers. 
  • Service transition: In this stage, the transformation of the services to the live system takes place. It offers the services and processes produced in the previous stage to the customers. 
  • Service Operations: The management and the maintenance of the services and processes take place in this stage. It also guarantees that the products follow all the requirements mentioned earlier. It includes processes, principles, methods, operational tasks, and functions. 
  • Continual Service Improvement: This stage aims at adding improvements in the business processes. It identifies the opportunities to add the changes in the areas required of the services and processes. 
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Moreover, ITIL includes a total of five certification level. For instance:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

Foundation Level Certification

The introduction of the ITIL and its basic concepts are given through the Foundation level certification. It helps the applicants to understand the fundamentals, terminologies, processes, and principles related to ITIL. You will also learn concepts and terminologies related to the ITIL lifecycle. You will get a deeper knowledge related to the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of the services and products. 

The certification is useful for individuals:

  • That wish to obtain a deeper understanding of the ITIL framework.
  • Those that want to learn the steps through which ITIL can improve service management.
  • IT experts or others having a position in an organization that deals with ITIL practices. 
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Although, this foundation level certification is suitable for any individual that wants to learn more about the ITIL framework. Also, the individuals that wish to expand their careers in IT service management.

If you take up the foundation level certificate, you will have a piece of knowledge regarding the following:

  • Steps that are useful in fulfilling the requirements of the business and the customers
  • Service management and its four dimensions.
  • The basic principles, processes, and terminologies of ITIL.
  • You will learn the main concepts of Agile, DevOps, Lean, and so on. 
  • The steps to maintain the values and the importance offered by the ITIL services and processes. 
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ITIL Foundation Training course

The in-person or classroom training course of ITIL Certification foundation certificate continues for around two and a half days. After the training is completed, you have to take the exam right away. Although, you can select the option to self-study for the certification exam. In addition, you also have to option to take up the online training courses. There are no requirements needed to take up the foundation level certificate. 

Format of the Exam

It contains a number of multiple questions. It includes around forty questions that need to be answered within sixty minutes. You have to obtain around twenty-six marks to clear the exam. You cannot use any materials while giving the exam since it is closed book type of exam.

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