How to play The Division 2 solo 

 June 24, 2021

Can you play The Division 2 single player? Ubisoft’s apocalyptic looter shooter is heavily oriented around multiplayer, with heaps of The Division 2 clan features, multiplayer modes, and squad-based gameplay potentially discouraging solo gamers from diving in. So, instead of lamenting and not playing the game because you’re worried, just follow this The Division 2 single player guide to playing on your own.

It may be difficult to do it yourself, but not necessarily with the right tool set. If you really don’t want to cooperate with others, follow these tips and you will become the kind of lone wolf that even the largest group will be afraid of. Downtown Washington is ravaged by attackers, or you just want to experience the detailed open world at your own pace, we are here to help you. On other hand you can get the detal about it from online plat forms which carry the experts and you need to pay the assistance fee which can be pay by paypal. Before transaction check the paypal balance.

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For starters, yes, you can definitely play the single player game “The Division 2”, which, according to Ubisoft, will continue until the end of the game. The difficulty of the enemy will depend on the size of your team. Although it may be difficult for you to cover the flanks or resurrect, it is still a viable way to play. Even better, The Division 2 has a very versatile and easy-to-use entry and exit matching system, so if you are struggling, it is easy to get some random teammates in a short time.

The Division 2 Single Player Guide

If you want to survive as a single player in The Division 2 for a long time, you must always protect yourself. In multiplayer games, you can rely on other players to save you when you fall, but there is no such safety net when playing alone. So you really want to hide. Make sure that each confrontation is conducted from a distance, otherwise you will soon be surrounded and overwhelmed by aggressive enemy AI. For this reason, you must approach each room like an enemy. Many times, the lights in each room hide a group of bad guys who are well prepared for you. So take your time.

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It is also worth paying attention to safe corners, these areas are areas of the arena where enemies cannot surround you and will not appear above you. This will allow you to patiently eliminate bad guys from a safe distance. Flanks cannot be avoided in some areas, so you need to actively knock down fast-moving enemies before they approach, and make sure to reload as often as possible, in case you need to put in a full magazine. Sometimes, the best way to play a single player game in The Division 2 is to cross several well-protected areas to provide you with relatively consistent cover while also allowing you to dodge grenades.

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What Gear to use

Tactics will make you go further in this game, but you need to supplement it with good skills and weapon settings. The first part, and perhaps the most important part, is the skill you want to use. In this game, the flanks are huge, so you need to be able to build your own or cover the area of ​​fire support while dealing with stronger opponents. The two best skills are turret and drone. Specifically, Striker Drone and Assault Turret. They will automatically fire at the enemy, allowing you to focus on priority targets such as elites or grenadiers.


Striker Drone is also very good at extinguishing fires, making it easier to circle around and even let the enemy escape cover. The assault turret can be launched from different positions. This means you can place it in a suitable vantage point to cover it from above. You can also place it where it will cover you when someone sneaks near you. These two allow you to operate as a team. In terms of what weapons to use, you usually want to use long-range rifles and rapid-fire weapons such as SMGs. A rifle will be your main attack method, because you want to be at a distance. In addition, the scope is very helpful for hitting the enemy’s weak points. On the other hand like pgslot msn, if someone gets too close, SMG is very good at blind shooting from the cover.

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As you approach the end of the game, another gadget that needs attention is the oxidizing chemical launcher, where elites, bosses, and armored enemies are most like controls. The beauty of this fast reloading instantly removes the enemy’s armor, making the usually arduous task of knocking down the armored enemy a breeze. This is very useful for being a leader in a boss battle, to remove the focus before the remaining ads make things more difficult. Or, you can get the hive resurrection skill, as long as the skill is not on cooldown, it will resurrect you when you are knocked down. As a single player game in The Division 2, this will save you a lot of frustration.

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Division 2 has been available for a year. Although there are not many substantive updates that will affect single players, we decided to update with the single player version of Division 2, just in case there are new ones. Or the returning player feels out of control. Start with two pieces of Badger Tuff armor pieces and two pieces of Fenris Group AB to choose from for your brand suit. Together, these provide tremendous damage and protection to elite enemies, increase your armor regeneration, and even increase your AR damage. Gila Guard is a very powerful sixth choice because it allows you to upgrade your armor slightly. 5.11 Tactics is another powerful option to prevent elites from shooting you.

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In terms of talent, indestructibility is essential, because it will return a large amount of armor to you when your armor is exhausted, and make your next armor kit free to use for a limited time. This talent has a “perfect” variant that can fully charge the armor when it is exhausted, making it almost impossible to knock down. Additional armor modules and talents need to focus on armor data to maintain this survivability. Patience, self-adjustment, protection and vitality are talents that need attention.

As for weapons, it basically depends on you, but you need to choose AR for the slot to ensure you get rewards for the brand series. Talent is once again the key to aiming: preservation, tension and nudity are all based on the construction of suit armor. We recommend using turrets to distract the enemy, and recommend using small tools that can cause damage, such as guided mines.

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