Split is one of those places that we would all love to go to. Yet, many of us have procrastinated in making it a reality.

That is, until now. The last two years have put it all into perspective and there is no time like the present to book that dream trip to Split.

But that goes without saying that travel looks a bit different in 2022. There is still a global pandemic. There are more travel requirements and restrictions than ever before. And there is a general uncertainty that lingers in the air.

However, we are here to remind you that despite all the above, traveling through Split in 2022 is actually not only possible but much easier than you think. In fact, there are many different ways to conquer the city.

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To help you plan out your dream trip to Split this upcoming year, we have gathered all the tips on how to travel through this historically beautiful city with ease.

  1. Get that COVID-19 Test

This is nothing new to many travelers, who have had to get PCR tests or an antigen test in order to enter their intending destination. It is no different in Split. And the good thing is, there are plenty of testing centers there too should you need one to get to your next destination as well. Just make sure to plan that out in advance and book your test online so that you can be sure to get the results in time.

  1. Ditch the Luggage

Whether you arrive by plane, train or boat, you definitely do not want to be stuck carrying your luggage around this old and historic city. Not only are the cobblestone streets going to damage your suitcase wheels, but it will make the exploration, not as fun. Luckily, there are plenty of luggage storage Split services around the city should you need one while you wait to check into your hotel. Located at both the port and the airport, along with other various locations, it will not be hard to book your secure and safe storage spot.

  1. Take the Shuttle

If you are arriving in the city by plane, there is an affordable shuttle bus that runs between the local airport and the city center. In fact, it is so convenient that it runs every 20 minutes, so you will never have to wait that long to catch it. The ride itself is beautiful and much cheaper than a taxi. At only around 3 dollars max, the 30-minute bus ride will make you feel like you are already on holiday as you soak in all the scenery.

  1. Use the Ferry

One of the best parts about visiting Split is the port. This is because it offers the perfect hub for you to take day trips to the surrounding islands are regions and explore. The major ferry services in and out of Split can take you everywhere from the Dalmation Islands to Italy. The ferry rides can be taken by both foot passengers and cars. Regardless though you will want to get a ferry ticket in advance if you are in Split during peak tourist season.

  1. Taxis are Pricey but Convenient

If you are needing to travel throughout Split but don’t plan on renting a car, you can always take a taxi. Just keep in mind that these are no budget-friendly taxis and we only recommend doing it this way if you have a large group you can all split the costs with. However, sometimes you just need to suck it up and take one. It is all part of the experience at the end of the day.

  1. Prepare to Walk, a Lot

If you are planning on seeing all the main sights in Split, prepare yourself to get a lot of steps in during your trip. The city is walkable, but the cobblestone roads require comfortable and sturdy shoes to support your feet. We definitely do not recommend trying to explore the city in flip flops. But walking the streets of Split is one of the best ways to discover those hidden gems and find places that you would never have had you been traveling by car or bus. So prepare to walk and don’t forget those shoes—and a camera that is all charged up.

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Making your way through Split is easier than you may think in 2022. From cars, planes, boats and even traveling by foot, you can choose the mode of transportation that is most convenient for you.