Today, if you want your site to soar higher on any search engine results page, it’s not enough to have an excellent website design in Miami. You also need to build high-quality backlinks to your site.

Backlinking, or link building, is the procedure of getting other websites to link to a page on your site. Search engine bots use these links to discover new web pages and determine how a page should rank in the results. The more dependable websites that link to you, the better you’ll rank in a SERP.

But how do you get links from a high-caliber site? You need to build a genuine relationship with the person who runs it.

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Relationship-based link building is not simple, and it takes time. But it’s also not impossible. Here’s a list of strategies you should try:

What are the Different Relationship-based Link Building Strategies?

Determine the Leaders in Your Industry

Every industry has its thought leaders and influencers. These people likely run a blog with outstanding website design in Miami. So you want to get on their radar.

Find out who these people are by checking which articles are being shared the most in your industry. These blog posts usually come from industry leaders.

Please make a list and then trace them. Offer them something valuable so you can get a link from them.


Various tools can also help you identify experts or influencers in your industry, like Topsy or FollowerWonk.

You can also check out your industry leaders’ Twitter account and see who they’re following.

Create Meaningful Interactions with Your List

Now that you have a list of people you want to reach out to, it’s time to make them notice you! Remember, the goal is to build a genuine, non-transactional relationship.

So, avoid sending an email asking them for a link or guest posting opportunity. Engage with the people on your list casually but consistently.

It may take weeks or months before they finally notice you, but don’t give up! Here are the various ways you can start interacting with the people on your list:

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Comment on their Blog Posts

  • Leave a kind and insightful comment on their blogs. It doesn’t mean that you have to comment on every one of them.
  • Just choose the ones that are impactful or useful to you. Make it count by contributing something relevant, unique, and of value. It will surely catch their attention.
  • Web-based news feed aggregators can help you organize, read, and share your favorite blogs’ content.
  • This way, you can always see if they have a new blog and comment first. Doing this can help you stay connected with the people you’re looking to develop a relationship with.

Reply to Tweets Strategically

  • Twitter is another excellent way to reach out to the people on your list. Start by replying to some of their tweets.
  • But be sure the tweets you respond to are those that can get you remembered. These are polls, help tweets, or questions.
  • Replying to these types of tweets is strategic because they’re actively seeking feedback. Meaning it’s your time to shine in these tweets!
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Use Google Plus to Get in Touch

  • What’s great about Google plus is that it’s less congested than Twitter, which means you’re more likely to get noticed on this platform.

Send an Email

  • As long as your email is complimentary and unassertive, email is a great way to contact renowned bloggers in your industry directly.
  • Your goal is to let them know who you are. But how can your email get their attention? Send them an email expressing your appreciation for their work and contribution to the industry.
  • Choose a catchy subject for your email like “I Love You, Man” or “You Changed My Life.”
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Give Them a Reason to Accept Your Request

Now that you’ve got the people on your list to notice and remember you. It’s time to give them a reason to say yes to your request. Here’s how you can convince them:

Do a Guest Post

  • Industry leaders, influencers, and thought leaders are usually busy, so they can’t always produce high-volumes of content.
  • Since your target blogger needs quality content, you can offer to do aguest posting. Send them your best articles to showcase your expertise.
  • But before asking, research first if they accept guest posts. Guest posting is an easy way to get a backlink. So make sure to impress your target blogger.
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Improve a Popular Content

  • If your target blogger doesn’t accept guest posting, you can improve some of their popular content instead.
  • It’s a great way to push the significance of their content higher and higher, which is what they probably want.
  • But you need to keep in mind that “good enough” is never enough for them. So you need to do your best in adding value to their already popular content.
  • You can do this through custom infographics or videos. If they like what you’ve done, you may score a link in return.

Updating Old Contents

  • Considering how busy high-profile bloggers are, it’s safe to say that they don’t have time to update old posts. If you could find a way to update their existing content, they may thank you with a link.
  • Remember to never ask for a link. If they link you, it should come from the goodness of their hearts. If they don’t, it’s alright. At least they know you can offer something of value.
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Keep Track of Who You’ve Connect With

Make sure to keep track of the people you’ve contacted and the progress you’ve made with them. If you’re reaching out to too many people, you may have difficulty remembering what you’re hoping to pull off from each relationship.

Looking for a Company to do Website Design in Miami?

Relationship-based link building and excellent web design in West Palm Beach are necessary for your site to compete and thrive in a SERP. Try out these strategies and see your backlinks grow! If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, let the experts do it for you.

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