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Dal Makhani Recipe | Restaurant Style Recipe | HomeMade Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one of the most popular dals in India. This Dal Makhani recipe is a restaurant-style version with subtle smoky flavors and creaminess of the lentils. If you love authentic Punjabi food then you are going to love this Dal Makhani even more. Learn how to make dal makhni at home with your

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Chicken Bhuna Recipe | Street Style Green Sauce, Red Sauce

Chicken Bhuna is my one of favorite diseases. It is so yummy tasty and easy recipe. chicken bhuna is an Indian-influenced chicken curry. Served with rice and plantain. curry chicken tikka Lamb tikka is the vegetarian choice. Rice pulao Wheat bhuna has been replaced by another rice dish, tikka masala. I try to avoid red

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image2 9 scaled - Ways to style your tops this summer
Travel & Lifestyle

Ways to style your tops this summer

Summers always call for a comfortable clothing pattern among the girls. It is because of the basic fact that the sun’s scorching heat makes it practically impossible to wear anything else. It is impossible to wear a traditional suit in this type of season. That is why girls prefer wearing tops and stylish kurtis in

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1500455220 2 1 - 6 Tips on How to Style and Renovate Your Home
Home & Office Improvement

6 Tips on How to Style and Renovate Your Home

Peaceful ambience, relaxing scenery, and a soothing atmosphere are a few reasons homeowners want to renovate and style their homes. Home décor adds colour, texture, and vibrance to your environment, making it more appealing. You may consult real estate property styling or decorate on your own.  Like many other home designers, you can start by researching and

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ja - Striking Features That Make Felt Hat An Unique Style Accessory

Striking Features That Make Felt Hat An Unique Style Accessory

Everyone has his or her unique style, and one style that is simultaneously popular and uniquely original is the felt hat. So what makes this type of headwear special? How does it differ from other types of hats? And what are some great places you can find both traditional and modern-day felt styles online? If

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Classy Aesthetic - Classy Aesthetic: Creative Look Of Class and Style

Classy Aesthetic: Creative Look Of Class and Style

Intro: Classy Aesthetic  Classy Aesthetic is indeed the best thing to carry and feel proud of. It just gives reasons for one to be something rather than being just a person. Hence, something classy just creates the magical aroma that is indeed hard to beat and surpass. Being Classy means creating a touch of magic that

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