The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Wetsuit: Everything to Know 

 February 18, 2022

Do you routinely find yourself swimming around in very cold water? If you do, then purchasing a wetsuit is going to be a must.

If you don’t pick out one of the many options for wetsuits and wear it on a regular basis, you could develop a condition called hypothermia while you’re in cold water. It’ll cause your core temperature to drop at a rapid pace, and it could eventually lead to death if you aren’t careful.

You can avoid hypothermia by purchasing a wetsuit and wearing it all the time while you’re surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, or taking part in other activities that will expose you to cold water. A wetsuit will work wonders for your body by keeping it way warmer than it would be otherwise.

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Here is a guide on purchasing a wetsuit that will help you pick out the right one in no time at all.

Begin by Learning About the Different Types of Wetsuits

If you’ve seen one wetsuit, you’ve seen them all, right? Not quite!

There are actually lots of different types of wetsuits available in the world. It’s why you’re going to need to go through the process of learning about the different types of them prior to purchasing a wetsuit.

Some of the most popular types of wetsuits are:

  • Spring wetsuits
  • Short john wetsuits
  • Long john wetsuits

Each of these types of wetsuits will bring something a little bit different to the table. Spring suits are great for those surfing in water that is on the milder side, while long john wetsuits are ideal for those kayaking and in need of their full range of motion.

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By learning about the various types of wetsuits, you should be able to find one that will work well for you based on what you plan to use it for.

Think About How Thick You Want a Wetsuit to Be

In addition to there being a bunch of different types of wetsuits, there are also different thicknesses when it comes to wetsuits. Some wetsuits are going to be way thicker than others, and as a result, they’ll be more effective as far as keeping you warm is concerned.

A few of the most common wetsuit thicknesses are:

  • 3/2mm
  • 4/3mm
  • 5/4/3mm
  • 6/5/4mm

The colder that the water you’re going to be in is, the thicker that you’ll want your wetsuit to be. If you wear a wetsuit that isn’t thick enough, it might eventually lead to cold water taking a toll on you in spite of the fact that you have a wetsuit on.

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At the same time, you shouldn’t automatically pick out the thickest wetsuit you can find just because. A really thick wetsuit is going to make moving around more challenging than it should be. You should try to find a wetsuit that takes this into account.

Find Out About the Different Brands That Sell Wetsuits

The global wetsuit market is worth almost $1 billion at this time. This has led to a large number of wetsuit companies popping up all over the place.

When you’re thinking about purchasing a wetsuit, you should always try to find out about all the different brands that make them. You’ll want to invest in a wetsuit that was created by a company you know you can trust.


Check out these brands to see what they’re all about. It should help you decide which wetsuit brand you believe in the most.

Check Out All the Cool Features Found in Wetsuits

The very first wetsuit was invented way back in the 1950s. It was a very simple wetsuit that didn’t have many extra bells and whistles.

As you can imagine, wetsuits have changed quite a bit since then. Today, there are all kinds of crazy features like strainer panels and ankle straps found in modern-day wetsuits.

It would be worth exploring the latest wetsuit features and seeing which ones intrigue you. You might want to narrow down your options for wetsuits based on which features you want to find in them.

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Read Online Reviews for Some of the Wetsuits You Like

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to pick out a wetsuit that you like. Before long, all of the wetsuits that are out there are going to begin to look the same to you. It’ll make it challenging to find ones that really stand out.

It’s at this point that you’ll want to start scouring online customer reviews for different wetsuits that appeal to you. Those who have used these wetsuits in the past usually won’t be afraid to share their unbiased opinions on them.

In a perfect world, you don’t want to begin purchasing a wetsuit until you find one that has almost all positive reviews from those who have used it. If you see that a wetsuit has even just a few negative reviews, you should strike it from your memory and stop considering it.

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Compare the Price Tags on the Wetsuits You’re Considering

Prior to even thinking about purchasing a wetsuit, you should attempt to come up with a budget for buying one. It’s the only surefire way to avoid spending more than you may have planned to on a wetsuit.

There are some wetsuits that you can buy for under $50. There are others that are going to run you several hundred dollars, if not more.

By coming up with a budget for purchasing a wetsuit and comparing wetsuit prices, you’ll be able to keep yourself on track when it comes to spending. You won’t have to worry about going into debt just to get your hands on a great wetsuit that will work well for you once you get it into the water.

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Shop for a Wetsuit That Is Going to Be the Right Size

If you don’t listen to any of the other tips for purchasing a wetsuit that we’ve provided for you here, make sure that you listen to this one! Because you do not want to get stuck out in the water in a wetsuit that is either too big or too small for you.

If you buy a wetsuit that is too big, it might allow cold water to work its way inside of it in a hurry. It might also weigh you down entirely too much and prevent you from participating in watersports.

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If, on the other hand, you buy a wetsuit that is too small, you’re going to feel like you’re a sardine when you’re out in the water with it on. You’re also going to struggle to move around with ease when a wetsuit is choking your whole body.

Wetsuits come in standard sizes like small, medium, large, and extra-large. But even if you think you know what size you are, you should still try on a few wetsuits to see which ones will fit your body best.

If you purchase a wetsuit that isn’t the right size, you might find that you’ll have to buy another one sometime soon. An ill-fitting wetsuit isn’t going to do much good out in the water.

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Inspect the Zippers, Seams, Etc. on Wetsuits

One of the final things that you should do when purchasing a wetsuit is take a good, hard look at the zippers, seams, and other elements of it.

Some wetsuits have zippers that are in the front while others have zippers that are in the back. You should search for a wetsuit that has zippers that you will be able to access easily.

You should also take note of what kind of seams you’ll find on wetsuits. These seams should be very tight and shouldn’t be at risk of breaking the first time you’re wearing a wetsuit in the water. One small tear could be enough to cause you harm.

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Pay close attention to whether or not the zippers, seams, etc. on a wetsuit are high-quality enough. If they aren’t, you should shy away from purchasing that particular wetsuit.

Keep All These Things in Mind While Purchasing a Wetsuit

When you walk into a store to buy a wetsuit, it might seem as though it’ll be a simple enough task. But as you’ve learned, there are many things to consider when purchasing a wetsuit.

You’ll need to buy the right type of wetsuit, a wetsuit that is thick enough, and a wetsuit that fits you well. You’ll also need to purchase a wetsuit that has the right features and that is available at the right price.

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Get more tips on buying the gear that you’ll need to take part in different sports by reading through more of our blog articles.

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