So you’re having trouble with your brand’s content marketing efforts?

The marketing is arguably the best way to improve your brand’s presence on the internet.

But after some time, you’re likely stumped with how you make your  stand out and what types of content to work with.

This short guide will show you the most popular  marketing trends that you should consider for your brand.

Here’s what you need to know:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors for improving your website’s ranking on search engine results pages.

If you look at this guide to content creation from The HOTH you’ll see how SEO can be incorporated into your website’s written content.

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The  marketing trend you should try is to use niche keywords in your blog posts.

You don’t want to use a keyword that doesn’t have lots of competition as this might not garner more views. But if you choose the most popular keywords there’s too much competition.

Choose a keyword that’s somewhere in the middle in terms of popularity ranking.

Interactive Content

If you want to garner more followers to your website or social media profiles you want to create more interactive content.

For example, let’s suppose you sell precious metals online. You might be tempted to create an Instagram ad that discusses the importance of owning gold bullion.

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But this is generic and doesn’t really draw your viewer in. You should consider asking a question for your viewer to interact with. For example, you can create a post that asks a question such as:

“Would you rather have $500 or an ounce of gold?”

This intrigues your viewer and makes them want to interact with your brand. It helps you stick out from your competition and convinces your viewers to learn more about what your brand has to offer.

If you create video content you want to consider hosting a few live streams. This gives your viewers a chance to interact with you as you’re creating content.

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Audio Content

While video is king and the written word remains crucial, audio will continue to play an important role in innovative marketing.

You want to consider creating more audio content for your brand. If you can create a podcast this is the best way for growing your brand.

You can also start by releasing audio narrations of your brand’s blog posts. Make sure you also release audio versions of your videos.

If you sell e-books, make sure there’s always an audiobook version as well.

Jump On These Content Marketing Trends

If you follow these content marketing trends you’ll have an easier time building your brand. These strategies are crucial for improving your brand’s online presence.

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You want to make sure that you prioritize SEO for your company’s written content. Use middle-range keywords so that you don’t lose out on the competition.

You also want to create more interactive content to garner more viewers. Make sure that you also create more audio content as the medium will continue to gain popularity.

You can find more tips on smart marketing on our blog!