The Main Features of The Best PDF Editors 

 July 18, 2022

PDF files are so easy to use, and it’s even better now that anyone can make changes to PDFs using PDF editors. These PDF editors are designed with unique editing features that allow you to edit PDFs via your online browser or device.


With so many online PDF editors on the internet, it’s hard to tell the reliable ones from the chaff. In this article, you will learn how to pick the best PDF editor for all your editing needs.

Ease of use

You can recognize PDF editors that are easy to use by their user-friendly interface, which allows you to locate editing features without difficulty. The best PDF editors offer interactive features that process complex editing tasks for both beginners and expert users.

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Most online PDF editors offer a drag-and-drop feature to quickly upload and download PDF files before and after editing. As long as their PDF features are simple and within easy access, you’ll enjoy using such PDF tools.


Before settling with one PDF tool, you need to consider how fast and accessible it is. The best PDF editors understand that people need to edit PDFs easily, without internet connectivity.


In today’s saturated market of apps, you can find several offline apps that allow you to modify your PDF files without hassle. So when there’s no way to edit PDF online, you can still make necessary changes on your device.

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Mobile compatibility

Before you settle for any PDF editor, confirm if it can fix your PDF needs while you work on your smartphone. The reason is that you need to get PDF tools online that work on mobile devices.


The best PDF online tools can run on Windows, macOS, and Android. So always keep mobile compatibility high on your checklist. That’s why Lumin PDF is an excellent choice if you’re particular about editing PDFs on your mobile.

PDF editing features

In the past, portable document format (PDF) files were view-only until PDF editors were introduced. Although some online PDF tools promise that you’ll be able to make changes to your PDFs, you should confirm that their editing features deliver on this promise.

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PDF features to look out for include inserting stamps, watermarks, comments, headers, and footers. You can also check out exciting functionalities like adding signatures, images, and videos or deleting text and pages. Compare how the features let you convert PDF and merge files before finalizing your choice.

OCR capabilities

The best PDF editors can capture characters and words within images and convert them to editable text. This feature is called Optical character Recognition (OCR), and it will ease your transition into paperless documentation.


Most PDF editors reserve the OCR feature for premium plans, while others offer it on dedicated platforms like their mobile app rather than the free online PDF tool. If your budget permits it, always go for a PDF editor with the OCR feature to help you digitize documents for easy editing and storage.

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Document collaboration

PDF editors that allow multi-user collaboration make PDF editing seamless and more efficient. It would be best if you opted for a PDF tool that allows others to edit, annotate, and make comments on PDF files while you perform daily tasks.


Besides, office workflows get easier when your PDF editor lets you access and open PDFs from Google Drive or Enterprise Management Systems (EMS). Always make sure that your PDF tool can provide multi-user access to documents as you edit in real-time. This feature is essential, especially if you’re dealing with documents that require transparency, teamwork, and office protocol.

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Security features

Document security is a crucial factor to consider when selecting PDF tools online. The best PDF editors provide security functions like passwords, encryption keys, and electronic signatures to protect access to PDF data as you edit and share over the internet.


You can limit user access using an encryption key when you need to convert PDF files to other editable formats or print and fill out forms. You should also check this feature if your business deals with confidential data that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Customer Reviews

Before committing to any PDF viewer, always check what other users have to say about it on independent customer review sites.

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Use their reviews to ensure that you’re not settling for a popular tool that is not delivering practical solutions to users. If the good reviews outweigh the bad, then it’s a sign that you can consider using the PDF editor.


Expensive PDF tools may not provide the same value as free PDF tools, so it’s important to know the features you are getting before paying the big bucks. Other PDF features to consider when choosing a pocket-friendly editor include ease of use, customer reviews, and customer support services.


It’s safe to use free trials of some programs with your preferred features before you put your money down on one PDF software. Some of the best PDF editors, like Lumin PDF, offer advanced security features and regular product upgrades on their premium plans.

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Support and customer service

One final tip for choosing the best PDF editors is the availability and quality of customer support they provide. If you want to pay for premium software subscriptions, always make sure the product offers 24/7 customer support.


Besides, you also need to select paid PDF tools that offer excellent customer support in case of emergencies. When in doubt, use online software with customer support that you can reach via phone or email for any questions or technical help.


Now that you know what to look for in the best PDF editor, it’s time to choose one for personal or professional use. Lumin PDF editor is a reliable, feature-rich editor that will help you conveniently make changes to your documents.

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From simple PDF editing to advanced security and OCR features, Lumin PDF is your go-to tool for assigning new changes to PDF files. You can access your PDF files from disk storage or the cloud and make changes in real-time.


With excellent customer support and affordable pricing plans, you can do more with PDFs than ever before. So, let’s start editing.

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