The Metrics to Analyze About Influencer Profiles 

 October 1, 2021

Social media influencers are great partners in your marketing strategy for your business. They can aid in building brand recognition, encourage and boost sales, get new followers or help you reap the many other benefits of influencer marketing.

However, achieving success with this strategy is dependent on finding influencers that align with the vision and mission of your company. Also, you must find influencers that have solid performance metrics.

So how do you choose the right influencer for you? Let’s look at what you should consider in order to find social media influencers that will make a positive impact on your campaigns.

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Follower growth

Whichever platform you choose to utilize for your campaign, take a look at the number of followers the influencer has. This will influence the price they charge to use their service. In general, the greater the number of followers an influencer has in their network, the more expensive they will be.

It is equally important to see the growth of followers throughout time. Prioritize organic growth that may be slow, but it is steady: it’s okay if influencers only grow by a few followers at a time, as long as that growth is consistently positive.

If you notice sudden spikes in followers, bear in mind it could be caused by fake followers. The first step is to determine whether there is a plausible explanation for the sudden rise in followers, such as a giveaway or a viral post. If not, the influencer likely purchased followers.

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Engagement rate

This indicates how close the influencer is to their followers. The more an audience is enthused by the content, the more they’ll engage with it. The engagement rate is calculated as follows:

  1. Add the total number of interactions (comments, likes and so on) on a post.
  2. Divide the amount by the number of followers.
  3. Multiply the result by 100.

This is the engagement rate for a certain post. It’s recommended to take an average for a portion of the content, since engagement may vary between single posts.

Check how the influencer’s engagement stacks up to the benchmarks for their network, category, and follower segment. Then you’ll get a sense of if their engagement is low, high, etc.

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Average views per video

For influencers whose main form of content is video, such as TikTok creators, you’ll want to examine how many views they tend to get.

This is a useful metric as it gives you an estimate of how many people are watching their content, regardless of their relationship to the influencer.

For instance, on TikTok, you don’t have to be a follower to see an influencer’s content. True, if you’re following them it’s more likely you’ll see their videos on your homepage. But if you’re not a follower, you may still come across the influencer on the Discover page or during searches for specific categories or hashtags.

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Or, on Twitch, you can be a follower for free. You can also subscribe by paying. But you don’t have to be a follower or a subscriber to see a streamer’s content. You can simply find their videos on their profile, or on one of the channels for your favorite game or topic.

Thus, looking at average views can give a more accurate picture of the number of views that an influencer’s content gets, as it takes into account all users who watch, not just those who follow.

Audience demographics and their authenticity

It is also important to look into the audience of an influencer and their demographics. You should ensure that the audience of the influencer matches those demographics of your buyer personas.

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Analyze things such as gender, age, locations, interests, and languages. In the following chart, for example, it is clear that this American Instagram influencer’s followers are mainly situated across the United States.

While you’re there, conduct a fake follower check. It is important to determine whether followers are real or fake, by seeing if they display the behaviors typical of bots.

Some of these include:

  • Usernames that do not make sense.
  • No profile photo or profile content.
  • Comments that sound unnatural or completely off-topic.

The graph below indicates that 8.77% of the followers on this influencer’s page could be bots. It’s common for influencers to have a small number of suspect followers. However, if you observe 20% or more of the followers being classified as suspicious, you should probably remove the influencer from your campaign.

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Style and quality of content

Finally, look through the posts of an influencer and determine if they’re in sync with your brand’s mission. You must use your gut instincts here, and it goes without saying you must know your brand.

It is important for any collaboration with an influencer to be perceived as genuine. Therefore, select influencers that are compatible with your brand’s goals, aesthetics, and values it promotes.

In this example above, the Instagram influencer @simplylaurenrose promotes a jumpsuit from @somaintimates. Both the brand and Lauren have a common style to their feeds. Lauren’s casual-chic fashion sense is also in line with the brand’s goal of offering women luxurious and elegantly comfortable intimates and pajamas.

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Where can I find this information?

You may be wondering where to get all of this data. You can compute some of them directly through social media, but you’ll have to get influencer media kits to access certain data, like audience demographics.

Alternatively, you could utilize an influencer marketing platform. The graphs you see above are taken from this type of tool. These platforms function like search engines to find influencers. Additionally, they offer on-the-spot analytics that allows you to analyze profiles while you’re searching.


Whatever your goals for marketing and regardless of your brand, you need to look over influencer profiles prior to choosing the people to collaborate within your social media marketing campaigns. Find authentic people, with quality content, and who have an aesthetic and values that align with those of your company.

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