Tips for Planning Out an Organized Honeymoon 

 May 30, 2021

Everybody plans their weddings with full enthusiasm because they know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Similar energy and effort should also go into planning a honeymoon since traveling with your partner for the first time after marriage is a huge deal! While staying home and watching your favorite shows on the AT&T DIRECTV Packages sounds really cozy and comforting, a trip soon after your wedding to start your married life with a bang sounds more exciting! 

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

  • Set a Budget

With all the wedding events’ expenses, it must be overwhelming to plan and finance the honeymoon soon after too. For this reason, it is extremely important that you define a certain budget with your partner and stick to it. Consider the visa, ticket, any other documentation, hoteling, and everything else’s cost to define a budget. 

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For some people, spending generously on their honeymoon is more important than on the wedding. This decision is also very important when you are doing the budgeting. Discuss how important a luxurious and extravagant honeymoon is to you and your partner, and see whether both of you are willing to compromise the wedding expense for the honeymoon. 

Once you have a set budget, stick to it and make plans accordingly. 

  • Pre-Plan

Juggling with wedding responsibilities might not leave much time to plan the honeymoon. However, when the time finally comes, you will have lots of uncertain plans and bookings to make. It is highly recommended to pre-plan your honeymoon way before the day finally comes. 

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This means you should be listing down the places you want to visit, the hotel, your tickets, required documentation, and so on. These are some things you can get done beforehand, so don’t leave them for the last minute. Use apps like Airbnb and to make accommodation arrangements early on. With such advanced bookings, you also have greater chances of getting your desired suites and facilities. 

  • Narrow Down Your Goals and Aspirations 

Yes, traveling as a newlywed couple for the first time is very exciting. You and your partner could be wanting to do almost everything on this trip. However, that is not practical and may become quite exhausting. Instead, shortlist the activities you want to do and the places to tour. Don’t go overboard and have a generic plan that you will “do it all”. Not only is that very inconvenient, but it also costs a lot to enjoy everything in one trip. Plus, you must also remember to spend some quality, peaceful time together rather than running from one place to another. 

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Sit down with your partner, pick up a pen and a paper, and list down things you both are interested in. List those things as well that only one of you is interested in, so the other one can be there to support them or even plan out something for themselves accordingly. Having such lists made beforehand can help you see where are the majority of the activities available, and then you get to pick your destination! 

  • Consider the Weather

Before you choose any destination for your honeymoon, make sure you know its weather. If you have already shortlisted destinations, check up their weather on Google and you will find out what to expect by the time you are there. This can also help you pack wisely. 

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So, let’s say you are not a fan of rain or high humidity spoils your hair, you can skip destinations that have such weather. 

  • The Not-So-Obvious Costs

While choosing the best honeymoon destination, don’t forget to give a thorough thought to costs that do not show themselves before the time comes. Ticket, visas, and hoteling are some of the most obvious costs that everyone remembers to consider. But don’t forget to think about things like traveling within that destination. Explore your options, see what traveling alternatives you have, and see how much each costs so you can plan accordingly. 

Moreover, costs like food and eateries in the city should also be considered. If you are traveling as a couple for the first time, you are obviously going to shop for your new home and even get some souvenirs back for your friends and family. Therefore, the shopping costs should also be a huge factor. Many people do not check the average shopping costs in a different city or country and end up short on cash because they didn’t estimate it correctly. 

  • Keep Up With the News
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Considering the situation these days with the coronavirus, it is extremely important that you are aware of the destination’s pandemic situation. Make sure to check the news of your desired destination and see what are the lockdown procedures, and what important COVID-related precautions you will have to take there. 

It is quite risky to go to countries with a poor healthcare system these days since they are already crippled due to the pandemic. An added responsibility of tourists as COVID-19 patients can become problematic. Therefore, choose developed countries with stable healthcare as your destination and always check out their COVID situation before booking the tickets. 

  • Check Out Travel Bloggers and Influencers 
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If you need some travel inspiration, you know where to start from. Influencers and bloggers are the most reliable source of information and reviews on anything these days. Even for your wedding, you can check out some event planning blogs and interior design bloggers to come up with the best décor ideas for your wedding. 

There are a bunch of travel bloggers and influencers on Instagram only who post some in-detail feedback and reviews of their experiences in various cities and countries of the world. You can even ask them questions and expect a helpful response back. This can help you pick a destination, list down the important things-to-do, decide your wardrobe, and even find out a good travel tour agent.

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The Endnote

Keeping all the planning tips in mind, let’s not forget to be really open to all options. A honeymoon does not always have to be grand. Going anywhere with your partner for the first time after the wedding will be just as fun and relaxing. Your goal should be to enjoy yourselves to the fullest and ensure that you don’t find yourself in any kind of discomfort. In these times of the pandemic, just staying safe and healthy is a huge goal. Therefore, be open to all possibilities and alternatives. Planning a road trip or taking a 2-day getaway to the beach could also be considered an awesome honeymoon! 

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