Tips If You Have A Musty Crawl Space 

 September 26, 2021

Envision sitting at home and simply enjoying your day to see a horrendous smell occupying the room and your noses. Have you checked your crawl space on the off chance that the sharp odor isn’t coming from your body or food? Instead, your smelly unfinished plumbing space smell may be the explanation you and your visitors search for motivations to take off from your home.


Home purchasers—or property holders—once in a while think about what’s right under their feet when touring homes. However, they ought to—especially if they’re walking around the top of an unfinished plumbing space. At the point when you’re looking for a home, you might well see that expression in the listing. However, what precisely is unfinished plumbing space or crawl space, and what do you have to think about it? 

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An unfinished plumbing space simply called crawl space, is an empty region under the floors of certain homes between the ground and the main floor. It’s typically about 1 foot to 3 feet high—sufficiently high for somebody to enter by creeping, as its name implies (low roofs!).

Many of us do not realize this fully, but having A Musty Crawl Space should be one of our top priorities in taking care of our homes. Yet, this part of the house is always neglected; either it just entirely escapes our minds, or we plan to do it, but we do not know how to start, so we ditch it.

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A stale-smelling odor coming from your crawl space could indicate mold or the buildup of mildew inside, by and large, resulting from high humidity levels. Humidity sneaks in through the dividers, underneath your unfinished plumbing space, and any cracks, holes, or openings in the unfinished plumbing space leaky pipe repair.

Additionally, the soil and grime that develop inside don’t improve the situation. Disposing of stickiness and mold will get that stale smell out, and going to lengths to forestall mugginess will keep it from returning. Read also mold remediation in Houston

So how do we do it? Here are some steps to eradicate that musty smell out of your crawl space!

  • As homeowners, we have to guarantee that there would be no holes where surface water would enter the crawl space. Mold and mildew are created by moisture which in turn would cause bad smells. There will be a massive amount of difference if you waterproof the crawl space.
  • It would be best if you always ventilated your crawl space. In doing so, there would be proper air circulation which could help in getting rid of the stagnant or musty air.
  • Did you know that having porous bags of crushed lava rocks can help with our musty crawl spaces? Well, yes, it does! These lava rocks would act as a powerful baking soda that neutralizes and absorbs the musty smell of musty crawl spaces.
  • Our sense of smell may go under intense assault when working on our crawl space. Using sprays such as Oust can improve the musty situation of the crawl space when you are working on it. Spraying it would make your work in the crawl space more endurable. 
  • We have to make sure that when we clean our crawl spaces, we clean them thoroughly to immediately get rid of the foul smell of our crawl spaces.
  • Installing a vapor barrier in our crawl spaces would greatly benefit us. It helps prevent moisture from the ground from rising into the crawlspace.
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If you have any concerns regarding your crawl spaces, do not hesitate to get some help from Carolina Crawlspace Pros, where you can guarantee quality crawl spaces services. Call today!

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