A new trend in water bottle advertising is on the rise across the country. Private labels are printed on bottle caps and help to solidify a brand within a specific niche. A private-label water bottle is a great way to reinforce a brand, create new sales, and expand your business. Bottled water products are widely popular and will be a great way to advertise at weddings, special events, or sporting events. Here are tips on how to promote your brand using private labels on water bottles.

1. Partner With The Right Business

Marketing your brand through private label water bottling will require you to partner with the right business. Suppose you buy wholesale bulk water bottles that are not biodegradable or BPA-free. In that case, you will also be marketing this with your name on it—partner with the right company that will supply biodegradable bottles that are BPA-free.  A good partner should also be able to design your logo, including type font and color scheme.

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It’s also essential to have a business partner who can produce your product fast to meet your strict deadlines. Of great importance is to ensure the company you partner with to make and personalize your private label bottled water is offering you competitive rates. Competitive rates will significantly reduce your marketing cost.

Hygiene is one of the essential factors in drinking water, making it necessary to consider when choosing a distributor to partner with and help you market your product.

2. Customize Your Label

When you buy the product with your label, you advertise for your company every time you hand out the bottled water to customers, clients, and employees. Not only would people see your name displayed on water bottles–it’s also a golden opportunity to create some brand awareness. You can make these bottles in any shape, color, or size you want.

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You can print your custom label directly onto the bottle in full color to promote your company, brand, or event. Your target group will notice and remember you everywhere whenever people use your water bottles. Add photos or graphics to create brand recognition. A custom label on your water bottle is a great way to promote your company! Custom Labels are an effective way to get your company’s name, logo, and message directly “in front” of customers.

3. Make The Message To Be About Your Target Customer

Printing your brand name along with your logo is necessary for easy identification. Typically, the message would be something about your products, but you can also advertise water itself. For example, if your company deals with electronics, you can have a message directly marketing your electronic products.

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Additionally, if you target a specific group or individuals, you can include your customers’ names on the customized label. Customers like to see the recognition by having their names on the tags, and consequently, you will earn big.

4. Place Your Brand On The Hands Of Your Potential Customers

The best way is to offer bottled water with your private label as a promotional product to your target groups, such as schools, exhibitions, weddings, birthdays, rallies, and conferences. That means your brand will land on the right target groups, and hence you can easily measure the impact of the promotional material or your ROI.

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With a private label water bottle, you advertise your brand in the hands of your potential customers. So, there’s no better way to tell them about your products or services. The more they see your label, the more likely they’ll be ready to buy from you when they’re thirsty at home, work, or on the go. Bottled water immediately benefits your customers, consequently making your customers happy, which means you will likely get good results faster.


Private label water bottling is an effective marketing tool for companies to advertise their products. The primary purpose behind private labeling is to reach your target audience without spending too much money on advertisements. The other objectives are to sell your product effectively, gain a competitive advantage and increase sales. It’s necessary to identify your potential markets through studies and surveys to increase your return on investments.

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