Lanyards are badge holders that individuals wear around the neck for identification purposes. Corporate organizations use lanyards to hold company staff IDs and badges during normal workdays or events.

Lanyards are available in two versions – breakaway and non-breakaway. Most people prefer breakaway lanyards since they are detachable from the badge.

Moreover, you can customize the lanyards according to your corporate colors, design, and other needs, which is also an approach to brand promotion.

When it comes to purchasing lanyards, most companies find it challenging because they don’t know the considerations to look out for. Choosing a perfect lanyard may depend on the purpose and the audience you intend it to serve.

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You need to ask and answer critical questions like, “Is it an official event? Who will be wearing the lanyard?”

There are many features to reflect when purchasing a lanyard. Below are tips you can follow to buy the best lanyard that suits your company’s identification needs:


  • What is the purpose of the lanyard? You must consider the function of the lanyard before purchasing it.
  • If it is a corporate event with dignitaries, select a quality embossed lanyard with a thick layer of satin polyester.
  • The quality lanyards display the names and your company logos clearly with style. Ensure that the breakaway lanyards lie comfortably on the neck and are light in weight.
  • Therefore, it is imperative to buy a lanyard depending on the wearer and event they will be participating in.
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  • Lanyards come in different shapes, colors, and styles. From flat braid to round braid, you can select the right one that suits your preference.
  • Since it is a business accessory, you might as well choose a stylish lanyard that resembles your fashion statement. Ultimately, it is a personal choice since they all serve a similar purpose.


  • Corporate companies should consider their employees’ safety when purchasing lanyards. Whether it is the breakaway or non-breakaway, make sure it suits the work environment.
  • For instance, non-breakaway lanyards are dangerous in a factory setting since they can stick to a machine.
  • Thus, breakaway lanyards would be the best in such a scenario because it is detachable. You need to consider the wearer’s safety before buying a suitable lanyard.
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  • Lanyards have different attachment and finishing options. It all depends on how you need to place the ID badge.
  • Some lanyards have clips, reels, or swivel hooks that offer a unique attachment. Thus, select one that makes you comfortable while carrying your badge ID.

Type of Material

  • Manufacturers design lanyards using different materials. Some materials include polyester, nylon, denim, cotton, vinyl, and reflective, among others. Thus, you must also consider the raw material because it affects the purpose.
  • For example, brands that want a soft and flexible material with exceptional printing qualities can go for cotton or denim lanyards. Trade fairs and safety seminars can use reflective lanyards to portray the event theme.
  • You can also buy eco-friendly lanyards from bamboo plants or recycled products. They are soft and printable, making them suitable for brands that are against carbon footprints.
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Brand Promotion

  • Marketing is a vital tool that impacts any business growth. Brands can promote their business using a customized lanyard.
  • It can serve as company wear or a gift to partners as a marketing strategy, displaying the company logo and colors to create awareness of the brand’s existence.
  • Therefore, select a unique lanyard made out of quality materials that stand out among competitors.


  • Lanyards are not as expensive as many people may think. The cost depends on the minimum quantity you want to purchase, the material, and whether you want plain or customized lanyards.
  • Consider all these factors, and know the actual price from the vendor. Consequently, work within your budget after identifying the type of lanyard that suits your purpose.
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Bulk Purchase

  • After settling on the best lanyard that works perfectly for your organization, embark on the order quantity. Most organizations prefer to purchase lanyards in bulk to avoid coming back to spend more money.
  • In case they hire new staff, they can pick the lanyard from their stores without going back to order. Bulk purchases are cheap compared to single orders. Besides, it saves time and effort of placing orders and waiting for deliveries.
  • However, you must find a balance between quantity and quality lanyards. Though you may save extra cash on bulk purchases, the value lies in buying quality and more durable lanyards for your employees.
  • Ultimately, selecting the best lanyard for your employees or corporate event might seem to be a trivial task, but do a little bit of research and understand the various types that can suit your needs.
  • Moreover, each individual or company has different requirements and preferences regarding a lanyard purchase.
  • Therefore, you must understand the purpose and other essential dimensions mentioned above before going ahead. Don’t forget to operate within your budget while also considering style and safety.
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