Marketing is a key part of any business’ overall plan for success. Good marketing can help you to connect with consumers, share your values with them and show them how you might be changing with the times. The auto sector is a fast-changing industry, and this has seen both self-driving and electric vehicles pick up lots of press recently. While some might find this a cynical marketing ploy to rescue the sector’s image in these environmentally friendly times, it goes much deeper than that.

But how does this shake out in practice?

New growth for auto industry

Although it might be tempting to dismiss both self-driving and electric cars as clever marketing ideas by manufacturers, that is not the case at all. All the major brands (like Ford and Audi) are now putting serious resources into producing electric cars and are committed to this being the future of motoring.

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Both types of vehicles are also essential for the future of the whole sector. For example, more people care about the environment now and may not be willing to drive a petrol-engine car much longer. Without electric models to tackle this issue, the sector would be in trouble. Self-driving vehicles also tackle the issue of human error when driving. This is valuable as the population begins to age and means they are not just a clever marketing tactic.

Boost for auto employment

New growth should also see more jobs created. This is certainly true when you think of the skilled workers needed to build tech-heavy autonomous and electric vehicles. Of course, it is key to pick up the right skills to work in this field first. Kettering University is the top place to study online for many and offers a highly-respected, one of its kind program in advanced mobility. Not only will you learn all you need to for engineering vehicles like this, but you will do so at a university known for its superb graduate outcomes.

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The figures don’t lie!

The simple fact is that the market for both types of vehicle is steadily growing with each passing year. Sales of electric cars grew fast in 2020, for example, and shot up by around 43%! These vehicles especially have become valued by those who like to drive exclusive brands like Tesla. The success of Tesla and the increasing sales of EVs globally clearly shows that these vehicles are not just a marketing ploy by the sector. The clamor for autonomous vehicles in both the business and private sectors also shows that they are no flash in the pan either.

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Self-driving and electric vehicles are for real

It is tempting to dismiss both these types of vehicles as a clever marketing ploy to overhaul the auto industry’s image. That would be wrong though! When you begin to look into it, the desire for change within the auto sector is real and the rollout of these vehicles is something everyone seems fully committed to.