Why Should You Use Clear Retainers? 

 December 9, 2021

Are you undergoing braces treatment? If so, your orthodontist might have recommended clear retainersfor maintaining your braces treatment. Meanwhile, did you know that 300,000 Australians get braces treatment every year? It’s no wonder that retainers are popular as well. 

You might wonder what a retainer is and why they are used, isn’t it? But, fret not as this article will tell you everything about clear dental retainers along with their composition and how to maintain it. Plus, you’ll also realise the functionality and usefulness of these retainers after your braces treatment. 

So, read on and get enlightened about retainers and why it’s important. 

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What Are Retainers?

Retainers are either removable or permanent. The permanent retainers are metal wires inserted on the inside of the teeth. On the other hand, the removable retainers are transparent and are placed on top of your teeth. 

Essentially, retainers are used to affix the new position of your teeth after a braces treatment. And it can take up to four to six months for the new tooth position to become permanent. Otherwise, your teeth will relapse into their original position, and your braces treatment would prove futile. So, using retainers is imperative. 

What Are the Transparent Retainers Made of? 

Generally, transparent retainers are removable and are clear. And they are usually made of premium quality transparent plastic (technically, they are made of polyvinyl chloride material). They are often called Essix retainers and are recommended by your orthodontist after you complete your braces treatment. 

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They are made to fit the new position of your teeth perfectly, and they are moulded well. Also, these retainers are often called thermoplastic or vacuum-formed retainers. 

Essentially, a mould of your teeth is created. After that, thin plastic or polyurethane is heated and sucked down on the mould. Meanwhile, they are transparent and practically invisible.

How Are They Used? 

Transparent retainers are used to maintain the new position of your teeth. They can also be used to straighten your teeth if only slight adjustments are required. And this can probably prove cheaper, faster, and simple than using braces. 

Retainers are used to keep your teeth straight after braces. Plus, if you forget to wear it for a while, you can wear it again to ensure your teeth go back into the right position. Meanwhile, your orthodontist might ask you to wear an extra-tight retainer to ensure your teeth remain tight. 

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So, transparent retainers provide you with these benefits:

  • They are invisible.
  • They keep your teeth straight. 
  • It also positions your teeth and prevents relapse. 
  • It will maintain your teeth’s new position.

How to Clean Retainers

When you use retainers, it is necessary to keep them clean. And, you can keep them clean by doing the following:

  • Brush and rinse your retainers with warm water every time after you eat. 
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean the retainer to ensure you don’t scratch the plastic. 
  • Do not use toothpaste.
  • Ensure you soak your retainer in a denture cleaner. 
  • You can soak your retainer in vinegar occasionally to kill any germs.
  • Warm water is the best option to clean your retainers.
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Clear retainers are invisible, and they help ensure your teeth remain straight. Plus, they are lightweight, comfortable, and they won’t affect your speech. Moreover, with transparent and invisible retainers, you are more likely to wear them and avoid any relapse.  So, consult your orthodontist and get clear dental retainersto straighten your teeth and maintain the new position of your teeth. 

Author Name: Andrya Fayina

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